Frankie SunsweptTurning Brooklyn based singer/songwriter Frankie Sunswept’s album art for his third album, Turning. Visuals created with liquid light show projection, often used in live concerts of the seventees. Client: Frankie Sunswept More Projects

Graphics Graveyard

Graphics Graveyard Posters, illustrations, and ephemera that never saw the light of day, or were just for fun. May they rest in peace. Client: None, just for fun. More Projects

National Park System

U.S. National Park Service Visiting American national parks is a spiritual experience that relaxes the mind and has a transformative effect on one’s psyche. How can a screen printing process reflect the atmospheric quality of such an experience? This book documents an art project inspired by the screen print posters of U.S. National Parks from […]


Cheerleader Cheerleader is an independent film by Irving Franco. The movie follows the main character and her thoughts, often setting the mood with vibrant colors. As a way to capture the spirit of the film, this movie poster and promotion materials were commissioned to sell the film after touring indie film festivals. Photography: Irving Franco […]

MVCD Grad Show

MVCD Grad Show How do you brand a design exhibition for twelve students from five different countries? As transplants to the Arizona desert, the analogy of a cactus pad represents the spirit of growth for the MVCD program at Arizona State. Exhibited May 2016 Phoenix, Arizona More Projects