Union Square Partnership

Union Square Partnership Each Summer, Union Square Partnership puts on a variety of summer activities in the park ranging from yoga and exercise classes to movie nights and performances. During Fall, Union Square Partnership brings together forty restaurants from the Union Square district for a one night benefit dinner event called Harvest in the Square. […]


Frankie SunsweptTurning Brooklyn based singer/songwriter Frankie Sunswept’s album art for his third album, Turning. Visuals created with liquid light show projection, often used in live concerts of the seventees. Client: Frankie Sunswept More Projects

National Park System

U.S. National Park Service Visiting American national parks is a spiritual experience that relaxes the mind and has a transformative effect on one’s psyche. How can a screen printing process reflect the atmospheric quality of such an experience? This book documents an art project inspired by the screen print posters of U.S. National Parks from […]

Surfer Magazine

Surfer Magazine This concept design for Surfer Magazine was created to showcase a custom monospace font. The letterforms are inspired by the simple geometry of waves and surfboard fins. The visual style picks up from prime surf eras of the 70s-90s, with fat letters, bold curves, bright colors and rich textures. To keep the brand […]

Visit Berlin!!

Visit Berlin!! Postcards are a symbol of tourism from a bygone era of mailed letters. This campaign for Visit Berlin!! exposes the current state of tourism and photo documentation in the context of a risograph print. This series of prints was made during a printmaking residency at the Amsterdam Grafisch Atelier (AGALAB). Using photography from […]