Coinbase Future Market Coinbase NFT shows up IRL in Chelsea As a part of NFT.NYC 2022 conference, Coinbase celebrated the launch of their NFT trading platform with a physical art gallery experience in the Chelsea arts district. The expression of the brand and interactive elements were intended to bring people into the physical world of a “FUTURE […]

Bose x NME C23 Bose and NME Magazine come together to release the C23 mixtape For SWSW 2023, Bose and NME celebrated the release of an new C23 mixtape, with an all-day music festival of nine acts and DJs. To help enhance the experience, an immersive Bose “Garden of Sound” took guests through the decades of C-series NME […]

Aston Martin’s Sonic Runway×9-final.mp4 Aston Martin brings a sonic runway to NYC For the opening of Aston Martin’s flagship NYC showroom, we brought an F1 experience to life with sonic graphics and spatial audio creating a spectacle on the sidewalk of midtown Manhattan. Client: Aston MartinActivated: June 2023Location: Manhattan, NYC Role: Design Director / ACDAgency: Invisible North More […]

Bose x Record Store Day Bose brings the “staff picks” to record store day. For National Record Store Day in 2022, Bose partnered with beloved Austin shop “Feels So Good Records”, to give locals a free concert and some new tunes. Throughout the day, Bose held a Listening Lounge, complete with over 50 vinyl “staff picks” albums, in custom […]