U.S. National Park Service

Visiting American national parks is a spiritual experience that relaxes the mind and has a transformative effect on one’s psyche. How can a screen printing process reflect the atmospheric quality of such an experience?

This book documents an art project inspired by the screen print posters of U.S. National Parks from 1935 to 1943. Unlike these illustrative prints, this new poster series takes a different approach.

The goal was to represent the natural environment with a low-tech process and manual intervention. Each print was made with a six color split-fountain based on color palettes developed for each park. Each print is unique due to the gradient print process, reflective of the experience of visiting these natural settings over different days, seasons, and years.


The National Park Service celebrates a 100 year birthday in 2016. This advertising campaign works with the screen print art to reference natural beauty without being too explicit. With simple sans-serif type to compliment, this is a campaign that can lead the NPS into the next century.

Process: Split-fountain printing

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